Welcome to the official site of the 1st Airborne Division

Thank you for visiting our website!
If you would like to be part of the 1st AB please head to our discord and add Captain J. Wellington [1st AB] on steam.

1st Airborne Division was formed in October 2016 by a group of like-minded individuals, who wanted to provide a serious but still relaxing experience in SQUAD and POST SCRIPTUM. We allow anyone to enlist in our ranks be it an experienced player or a complete novice as every new recruit is given the oportunity to learn and adapt to our gamestyle by attending Phase 1 training. The 1st Airborne Division is providing weekly training sessions, small or big scale operations, we take part in community events and more so there is hardly a day where nothing is going on. If you’re willing to commit yourself to a dedicated team, this is the gaming unit for you. If you feel like we are the right fit for you, feel free to click on Carrer to learn more about us.

Being a role-playing group, we offer a wide selection of classes and specialization kits a member may chose to play or specialize in from a normal rifleman to a APC crewman. The classes are not rank specific (exception is the section leader kit, that is normally reserved for an NCO or above (exceptions are the gamenights, where anyone may take lead)) and are on a first come first serve policy. Of course everyone must prove they know what they are doing in a certain role, so everyone who applies will undergo a small test / training course for that class. If you wish to lead or follow, the 1st Airborne Division has you covered.