Tadpole - Enlistment [APPROVED]


Name: Wax Tadpole
Name you wish to use in the 1st AB: 'Wax' for short, I suppose :)
Age: 33
Country of Residence: U.K.
Timezone: UTC
Steam account link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Wax_Tadpole/

Prior MILSIM or Tactical Realism experience: Only Planetside 2 and Battlefield 3, unfortunately no true MILSIM experience. Big fan of the genre though and eager to learn.
Why do you wish to join the 1st AB?: Liked the website and attention to detail. You guys appear to be well organised and have a clear sense of direction.
What can you bring to the Division?: Mature, quick to learn, good basic knowledge of the game and military concepts. I have a preference for playing Medic, and plan to fly Helicopters when they release!

Are you better at following orders or giving them?: I tend to gravitate towards leadership roles (like in real life), however I am far from comfortable enough to squad lead in game just yet. I am more than happy tro follow orders and learn as much as I can from you.
Availability: Most evenings between 00:00-03:00 and during the early afternoons. couple nights a week on a shifting basis.

How did you find us or who recruited you?: Recruitment forums on joinsquad

I am enlisting/reenlisting in Her Majesty's Armed Forces. I understand that I must uphold the core army values at all times, obey orders to the best of my abilities and execute them with the highest amount of professionalism.
I also vouch that I have read and I understand the Unit Rules.

SIGNED: Tadpole


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