Hub - Enlistment [APPROVED]

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Name: Demetrius Hub
Name you wish to use in the 1st AB: Hub
Age: 19
Country of Residence: UK
Timezone: GMT London
Steam account link:

Prior MILSIM or Tactical Realism experience:
- Arma 2 realism mod experience
- day of defeat: source competitive realism
Why do you wish to join the 1st AB?:I would like to play with a well communicated group of people again and last year when I played with the 1st AB for a short while I enjoyed it a lot (had to stop playing because of inactivity)
What can you bring to the Division?: I have a good amount of experience playing games and a lot of the realism experience came from Arma 2 which I have over 2000 hours on. Its similar to squad in terms of strategy, therefore I believe I can follow or even give orders when playing easily. Lastly I have good marksmanship skills.

Are you better at following orders or giving them?: Naturally I usually get pushed towards leading
Availability: I can play a couple times a week and all weekend

How did you find us or who recruited you?: Saw a thread in the Squad forums

I am enlisting/reenlisting in Her Majesty's Armed Forces. I understand that I must uphold the core army values at all times, obey orders to the best of my abilities and execute them with the highest amount of professionalism.
I also vouch that I have read and I understand the Unit Rules.



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