Andreas - Enlistment [APPROVED]


Name (First, Last): Carlos Andreas.
Name you wish to use in the 1st AB (Realistic last name, does NOT need to be your real last name):Andreas.
Country of Residence:The netherlands.
Steam account link:

Prior MILSIM or Tactical Realism experience:Not in squad i had some expierance from diferent games.
Why do you wish to join the 1st AB?:Its nice to play with a large group than random people that won't team play.
What can you bring to the Division?:Well, my time and dedication.

Are you better at following orders or giving them?:I am able to do both but i preffer to follow order's more than giving them.

Availability:I am able to come on everyday.

How did you find us or who recruited you?:I found the group in squad disscusions and seemed like a nice group.

I am enlisting/reenlisting in Her Majesty's Armed Forces. I understand that I must uphold the core army values at all times, obey orders to the best of my abilities and execute them with the highest amount of professionalism.
I also vouch that I have read and I understand the Unit Rules.


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