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Name (First, Last): Liam St. John-Ayre
Name you wish to use in the 1st AB: Snow
Age: 20
Country of Residence: South Africa
Timezone: CAT (UTC+2)
Steam account link:

Prior MILSIM or Tactical Realism experience: I have played alongside SAEF [] since 2015, which has made up the majority of my near 2000 hours on Arma 3. With SAEF being an experienced tactical group, it's safe to say that I have spent a long time enjoying tactical milsim gameplay.
Why do you wish to join the 1st AB?: I am looking to experience the kind of tactical gameplay I enjoyed in Arma 3. It's been a little underwhelming playing on the Squad public servers lately and I am eager to see if the tactics I am used to in Arma 3 can be applied in a game like Squad.
What can you bring to the Division?: Other than an experienced tactical mindset, I can bring mission making ideas to the table as I spent a great many hours in SAEF building and guiding other mission makers. Otherwise if the need ever arises I can provide quality graphic design work or web design elements that 1stAB might need.

Are you better at following orders or giving them?: I am capable of both. Most of the time I enjoy being some form of 2iC or normal order following member, but if it is needed I am ready to step up and lead. One thing is for sure, I understand that following orders are vital and I am prepared to do so.
Availability: Available all weekend long, and 75% of weekday evenings as my responsibilities are only during the day.

How did you find us or who recruited you?: Months ago I came across other 1stAB players on Squad and their level headed thinking attracted me. I decided to look up the website after the game. I have been waiting for the applications to open.

I am enlisting/reenlisting in Her Majesty's Armed Forces. I understand that I must uphold the core army values at all times, obey orders to the best of my abilities and execute them with the highest amount of professionalism.
I also vouch that I have read and I understand the Unit Rules.

"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time."
- Leo Tolstoy

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