Rank Structure

Our rank structure is based on the British Army's format. Promotions are based on reccomedations and leadership abilities. Please do not join thinking of going up the ranks quickly, we fill vacant slots with the best candidate availible. Royal Engineers and E Squadron Household Cavalry use different rank titles, but they are equal to the ranks of infantry.


Full Title Description
Recruit (Rct)
This is the entry-level rank you will receive upon joining the 1st AB. You will hold this rank until you pass out of Phase 1 Training.
Private (Pte)
Trooper (Trp)
Sapper (Spr)
On completion of Phase 1 Training, all new soldiers start as Privates although the title may be either Trooper or Sapper depending on assignment.
Lance Corporal (LCpl)
Lance Corporals are the lowest ranking non-commissioned officers. Promotion to this rank may follow completion of the PJNCO Cadre. They are second in command of a section and are leaders of a fireteam. They need to be able to take on the responsibilities of their Corporal if he or she is unavailable.
Corporal (Cpl)
Lance Corporal of Horse (LCoH)
Often described as the "backbone" of the British Army, their duties vary from the appointment they receive. Infantry corporals command a section, with a lance-corporal as second-in-command (2ic). When the section is split into fireteams, they command one each. They are also instructors for new recruits, as well as seasoned soldiers. Equal rank in E Squadron HC is Lance Corporal of Horse (LCoH).
Sergeant (Sgt)
Corporal of Horse (CoH)
Sergeant usually serves as a platoon or troop sergeant, but might also be appointed to a different position depending on assignment. Their main duties are to supervise training and to assist the Platoon Commander in the management of the platoon. Equal rank in E Squadron HC is Corporal of Horse (CoH).
Colour Sergeant (C/Sgt)
Staff Corporal (S/Cpl)
Colour Sergeants hold different appointments within the Battalion, and manage important elements within it. Equal rank in E Squadron HC is Staff Corporal (S/Cpl).
Warrant Officer 2
Squadron Corporal Major
Senior management role focussing on the training and discipline of a company. A WO2's typical appointment is Company Sergeant Major, making him assistant to the Company Commander and the senior NCO in the company. In E Squadron HC the position is held by a Squadron Corporal Major.
Warrant Officer 1
Regimental Corporal Major
In an Infantry regiment, a WO1 holds the appointment of Regimental Sergeant Major. In E Squadron HC the position is held by a Regimental Corporal Major.


Full Title Description
Second Lieutenant (2Lt)
The first rank held upon commissioning. They command a platoon, with a Platoon Sergeant by their side. It is held until they demonstrate both confidence and proficiency in platoon tactics as well as the commanding of the soldiers under them.
Lieutenant (Lt)
Upon promotion, Lieutenants are given more responsibilities within the company. They serve as Platoon Commanders, Company 2ICs or leaders of smaller specialised teams.
Captain (Capt)
Captains may be Company Commanders, or 2IC of one. The Captain is a major part of planning, management and support.
Major (Maj)
Major is the most senior officer in command. The Major is responsible for all aspects of the unit.