Combat Roles in the 1st Airborne Division

INDIA COMPANY - Rifle Platoon

Role Details
Section Commander
As a Corporal you will be responsible to up to 9 soldiers under your command, be in in training or on operation. Soldiers under your command will look up to you for your solid leadership and decision making abilities. You will ensure everyone is fully briefed for the mission ahead as well as ensure everyone is on top of their game. Its up to you to lead your men into combat and use the terrain and trained battle drills to your advantage.
Section 2IC
As a Lance Corporal you will be placed as a Section Second in Command (2IC) being the sole block responsible that the Privates carry out orders effectively and without hesitation while also being constantly on top of the magazine stand during and after combat as well as individual spacing. You will help the day to day run of the section as well as take command over delta fire team or the whole section should the IC be KIA.
Backbone of the section armed with a L85A2 Individual Weapon. You will be tasked to observe and report enemy movement during patrols/combat as well as carry out orders fast, effectively and with no hesitation using trained battle drills. Versatile role being in the forefront of patrols or assaulting compounds.
Combat Medic
Most important role in the Section. They are trained like a normal rifleman with the additional Combat Medic Training to perform medical treatments to casualties in the heat of battle.
Light Anti Tank
They are trained like a normal rifleman with the additional Light AT training with the M72 LAW Disposable Anti-Tank Launcher or a AT4 to effectively destroy enemy Vehincles.
LMG Gunner
Forming a large portion of the Section's firepower. Protecting the section's flanks or rear while moving and delivering accurate and devastating suppression fire onto enemy positions, allowing for the rest of your section to effectively assault the enemy.
They are trained like a normal rifleman with the additional training with the Under Barrel Grenade Launcher to provide smoke screen cover or to eliminate the enemy from a distance with a HE shell behind cover or concealment, inside buildings or in the open.

INDIA COMPANY - Fire Support Group

Role Details
FSG Team Commander
Responsible for the FSG in general. Similar duties to a Infantry Section Commander.
GPMG Gunner
The GPMG (General Purpose Machinegun) Gunner is a heavy support to the infantry that lays down suppresive fire ontop of the enemy for the rest of the infantry can move up safe.
Javelin Operator
Tasked with dealing with heavy enemy vehincle assets such as APC's and Tanks.
Tasked to eliminate high priority targets such as MG's and Snipers, Medics and Cell Leaders from a distance.

JULIET COMPANY - E Squadron Household Cavarly

Role Details
Vehicle Commander
In Charge of the vehicle he is attached to. He must know how to properly position the Vehicle for effective fire support without additional guidance from above and not taking unnecessary risk exposing the vehicle to the enemy.
Being able to drive the Vehicle under any circumstance in any terrain. Reacing to enemy direct and indirect fire without guidance from the Vehicle Commander and always keeping their eyes open to mines and IEDs.
Being able to correctly identify friend from foe and engaging enemy combatants with controlled bursts. Gunners need to scan their sectors as well as prioritize neutralizing enemy AT capabilities if no Infantry can support.

JULIET COMPANY - Mortar Platoon

Role Details
Section Commander
In charge of relaying fire orders to the mortarmen as well as calculating distance to the target.
Being able to correctly use the intel provided by the IC to drop ordinance precisely where they need to be droped to.

JULIET COMPANY - Royal Engineers

Role Details
Section Commander
Similar duties to an infantry corporal with increased responsibilities when it comes to handling explosives.
Combat Engineer
From building FOB's to EOD, Combat Engineers are vital to the operations.